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European Roulette Casino Game - Review

The Europen Roulette game by NetEnt is eye-candy in terms of graphics, and that’s an excellent place to start with casino slot games. But then, let us be frank and agree that there isn’t much a person can do with a roulette table, except you try out this one that has the green baize look about it. One cool thing about this online slot Is its clarity, so players do not have to squint or struggle when it comes to seeing where the numbers are or figuring out how to place bets on them.

The best thing about this slot you can expect in this review is that you can open it up in practice mode first before you go ahead to play for real money. In practice mode, you can see how straightforward it is to select your chip, place one bet or more bets per spin of the wheel and gain assess the other of the game’s features. Rest assured, we’ll be discussing all of those in a moment. Read below for more or try some of the new slot machines below:

NetEnt: the Developers of European Roulette

NetEnt would celebrate its 24th anniversary in 2020, an exciting 24 years in the casino industry with lots of recorded successes, but we assure you that it didn’t come easy. It company started in 1996 as Net Entertainment with a single office in Stockholm, two servers, three employees, one yearly transaction, and only one customer. It took the gaming giant seven years to make their first profit, but little did they know what success could be found in the nearest future.

In 2006, NetEnt created a second office in Malta after it obtained a casino license that was granted by the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA). Malta is the first country to regulate gambling websites in an austere environment, and getting licensed is a crucial step in bringing operators and consumers the control so desperately needed.

Later on, the company opened more offices in Gothenburg, Kyiv, Gibraltar, Krakow, and New Jersey. With the business thriving and more games getting made, it was in 2007 that Net Entertainment went public and was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

By 2017, the company was already known as NetEnt had employed over 900 employees and developed 200+ cutting-edge casino games as well as mobile casino games (NetEnt Touch®). The company went from 2 servers to a mind-blogging 3500 servers while about 175 of their customers now offer the full match or a pick of the most famous NetEnt Games.

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Playing European Roulette Online

NetEnt’s European Roulette is catchy because it is relatively easy to play, even for first-time bettors. Punters will find several options on both sides of the chips located at the bottom of the screen. The one on the far left opens up the paytable, which shows the odds for each bet type. These are in ranges from a straight bet to a corner and six-line bet and ends up with the even/odd, red/black, 1-18 and 19-36 bets. In this casino game, the odds are from 35/1 to 1/1 boiling down to which ones you select.

Other clickable buttons in the game include access to statistics, the racetrack, and your favorite bets. Punters also have access to a re-bet button deliberately put on the right of the chips for when they want to replay their last bet. Otherwise, players can make new ones. Incidentally, when a player clicks on a button to show the paytable or any other similar feature, he has to click on it a second time to exit it.

Okay, so let’s pay attention to the racetrack first. This feature is one that opens up a racetrack feature right above the main table. The feature includes tiers, voisins, orphelins, and zero bets. Players are to hover over each of those words so that they can look at the main table to find out where they would be their placing bets. Deposit and play paypal slots and other casino games with easy and safe deposit methods at Slots Racer!

Statistics in European Roulette

Next, there is a statistics feature. This feature is designed to show players whether specific numbers are hot or cold (this means whether they are appearing more or less than usual) and whether black or red and odds and evens are showing up more often than others. The feature could help punters adjust to a different bet for an upcoming spin. The hot/cold section always shows up to the right side of the roulette wheel to make things easy.

Another fantastic feature of this game is the presence of the maximum and minimum bet amounts whenever punters hover over a chip in a particular area of the table. It offers you a good idea of what the max bet is on a specific combination or number. For instance, a single number comes with a min bet of $1 and a max bet of $10. On the flip side, betting on red or black has the same min bet and a max bet of $500.

European Roulette - Bets  

When you decide to try out European Roulette, you will see the choice of chip values situated at the bottom-center position on your gaming screen. The least chip value is $1, and at any one time, four values only will show up on your screen. You can use the arrows that are on to the left and right sides of the chips to locate other values. The highest chip in this game is worth $500. Remember, it is not impossible to use more than a single chip on each spin. The gauged RTP for European Roulette by NetEnt is 97.3%.

The highest winnable prize is for an accurate straight bet. This bet pays 35/1. As such, the total amount a player would win would depend on the value of his chip value. If you don't fancy roulette, casino pay by mobile here instead!

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Final thoughts on European Roulette - Hit or Miss?

If you want to play any roulette game for real money, European Roulette by NetEnt might just be the game. You should try it in demo mode first and see if you like it, as this is a sure way to get the hang of all the best features in this game. All in all, this version of the online roulette is a winning one. If you enjoyed this game why not also check out Wolf Gold too?